Kitchen beforeI’ve been neglecting you, dear reader, and I confess that I may continue to do so for just a while longer. Kitchen remodeling, a little-known torture originating in the 12th century, has ensued at Scamp Central, and I am somewhat the worse for wear. I could tell you all sorts of things about my current adventure, but none of them, sadly, are wine related. Well, except for this one thing:

Oak CountertopsWe’ve installed oak butcher block countertops in most of the kitchen (there will also be tile near the sink). They come from the store unfinished in standard lengths, so we had to cut them to fit, and then sand and oil. There are lots of ways to learn what oak smells like, but I think this might be one of the most effective… right after going over the falls in a barrel. Vanilla, spice, smoke, toast, and woodsy aromas dominate, with a sawdust and mineral (oil) finish.

Wish us luck in the tile work… 6 square feet of countertop, 11 linear feet of backsplash and 150 square feet of floor to go, and I’ll have a functioning hearth once again! Yes, I know we probably should have tiled the floor first, and I’d rather not discuss it.

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