From the Spanish preocuparse, this adjective can mean (1) busy, (2) worried and (3, rather as it might literally translate) preoccupied. OK, really the Spanish for busy is ocupada, but preocupada always had the connotation for me of one who is busied with herself.

All of these apply to me of late; hence this lame apology for my neglect of the Scamp this last Week Or So. I’m still struggling with the stupid cedar pollen allergy I have developed in earnest, and thus can’t taste much. Additionally, I’ve got a performance of a short play (which I co-wrote) this coming Thursday at the Hyde Park Theater’s FronteraFest; if you’re an Austinite and wish to see me in 3D, do scamper on down at 8 pm for the show. Tickets available online at the link, or at the door. There will be two of us on stage; I am the rounder one. If we are Popular and people Vote For Us, we’ll perform again this coming Saturday for the Best of the Week show.

Also, I’ve accepted a new position with a competing general contractor; I’ll be working as their marketing and HR person, which is much more to my taste than the soul-killing dullness of the administrative work I’ve been doing for my current employer for nigh unto 2 years now. I’m incredibly sad to be leaving the wonderful people I’ve been working with for so long, but I’m also very excited to have some work that is challenging and might require the use of my brain. Nonetheless, it was a difficult decision (shockingly to everyone who’s had to suffer through my bitching about my job for so long), and the resultant emotional turmoil has been taking up rather a lot of my time.


I should be back in the saddle again after this week, and I’m sorry to be so lackluster up until then. Usually February is my Cruelest Month, but evidently this year it’s been moved up a bit. Thanks for your continued patience and interest — I’ll have a post or two this week, and more sustained jollillity is soon to come, cross my heart.

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