The Cost of Change

Well Ms. Scamp went to the office today and realized older browsers (most notably Internet Explorer 6.0) don’t like our fancy translucent backgrounds and fades. Rest assured dear readers I’m working on it, sorry for the inconvenience. Right now we’re looking at how many folks are affected. So let us know in the comments if it is a problem when you view the page.

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Is the swirly orange designy thing supposed to be covering the words in your posts? It’s slightly hard, or at-least headache-inducing, to read through the little polka dots. Also, when I try to vote in the value poll, I get “please select a valid choice”, or something like that.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for contacting Scamp Industries… I’ve solved the polls problem. Apparently you can’t have the same poll in two places at once! Who would have thunk it!

Now I’m off to fix that nasty transparency polka dot thing.

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