Things you don’t know about me

OK, dramatic efforts have returned to the back burner again for a while, and cedar levels are low. I think we might be back on for regular wine blogging! Thanks for your patience, those of you who stuck around. I’m still recovering somewhat from my over-scheduling, so here’s some filler while I catch my breath.

There are lots of things you don’t know about me, and some of them I’m not telling. Here’s what I will publicize on the inter-webs:

I’m a copy-cat. I swiped this idea from Erin at My Life in Vino, who swiped it from This Fish Needs a Bicycle. So I’m a double-copy-cat.

I speak Spanish like a French woman, according to Mexico City taxi drivers; or at least, I did when I lived in Mexico. Not for the first couple of years, but definitely and consistently for the last two.

I go through cycles of compulsively eating certain fruits. For example, I would eat like 2 kilos of prickly pears a week (when they were in season) while I lived in Mexico. While on vacation on Tybee Island this summer, I probably ate about 5 pounds of Bing cherries in a week. I can eat unexpected amounts of fresh blueberries, given the chance and budget.

I sleep on a futon, and I think it’s the best mattress ever. Much of my house is furnished by Ikea (although not my bed).

I bite my nails. Always have, and I’m not interested in quitting.

I have a mild but manageable addiction to I Can Has Cheezburger. I could probably quit anytime, but why?

I kill plants. Almost never intentionally. If you give me a plant, it will most likely die — and not right away. Sometimes the deaths are long and lingering. A plant in my care is saved only though living outside in all seasons and being completely self-sufficient yet also resistant to periodic over-watering.

I hate checking the messages on my cell phone. If I don’t call you back, it’s probably because I have not listened to your message. Not out of bad feeling, but just because I get impatient listening to messages and thus can’t usually be bothered. I can go weeks without checking my messages.

I have an unhealthy fondness for red and purple garments. I know that it’s pretty dorky to wear red or purple pants, so I now own about 10 red t-shirts and about 6 purple ones. I have way too many t-shirts.

I was the president of my high school fencing club, and women’s champ in foil and saber for two years running. Much less cool in my opinion, I also played Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games all through my adolescence. I was the battalion commander of my BattleTech group at the local game shop. Oh, the nerdy heights I’ve reached!

I fail miserably and consistently at sewing with a sewing machine. On the other hand, I’m pretty OK at knitting and embroidery. I am a kick-ass cook. I am intimidated by baking anything which requires yeast.

I rather detest shopping for shoes.

I can do wonderfully expressive things with my eyebrows, especially the right one.

If I won the lottery, I would study linguistics and travel around the world for the rest of my life.

OK, pass it on. What would surprise me to learn about you?

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