Vote for the Most Handsome Iberian Winemaker

Jill at Domaine 547 suggested this ages ago, and I’ve only just recently been able to make polls work for me… luckily, pretty endures. So here is your chance to vote for the Most Handsome Iberian Winemaker.

Our panel of scientists here at the Wine Scamp laboratories have studied the laws of winemaker attraction for many years, and they have concurred that one requirement is that a given winemaker must both be symmetrical in physicality as well as make damn good wine. Real wine lovers are not induced to swoon by pretty, namby-pamby vintners of plonk. No! We must have ample talent to buttress a winemaker’s rugged good looks.

Wine Scamp political consultants have raised the question of whether polls like this are sexist. As a taster involuntarily locked in society’s patriarchal structure, I realize that this poll does not promote gender equality. Please be warned that the Wine Scamp Surgeon General has found that judging humans by their physical appearance (especially when trapped within the patriarchal hegemony) is bad for your revolutionary fibre, and should never be done. And ice cream is bad for you, too.

Disclaimers established, here are our contestants:

Telmo Rodgriguez Telmo Rodriguez

JPR Joao Portugal Ramos

Alvaro Palacios Alvaro Palacios

If I’ve neglected to objectify your Iberian winemaking hearthrob, please clue us in with your comment. Otherwise, vote early and often!


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this is a tough one. I love this poll! I think, I’d secretly lust after Telmo but he looks like he’d never settle down, so I’d shift my thoughts toward Alvaro but it just wouldn’t work. Then I ‘d finally be ready to get serious about Joao 🙂

I thought this was a fun poll. It was a tough decision for me between Telmo and Joao! What finally made me decide against Telmo was his shoes, which don’t go with his outfit. I like a man who likes to dress well. I couldn’t see Joao’s shoes, but decided I’d take my chance on him.

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